Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Exam Week: Study Up! (More Group Break Goodies)

Yesterday, my precalculus class had an exam.  Today, my Mathematics of Games & Gambling students have a review day for their midterm (which is this Friday).  I also finally got my Calculus I exams from last week graded.  All of this grading makes me ornery, and the stress of exams is palpable in my classes which makes things even worse.  If only there were a way to assess without relying on exams and the like...(and in which our accrediting institution would approve of which is what colleges actually care about).

I digress.  You aren't here to hear me whine, you are here for cards.  I shall not disappoint you - but in the spirit of exam week (as it seems to be), let's make this one a quiz for you.  To do so, I'll bust another Stadium Club jumbo pack.

Pack 08:

To begin the exam, I'll first give you a scan of nine cards to study.  Since this pack has more than nine cards in it, I'll list the nine cards not shown first.
8.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
35.  John Olerud - Mariners
79.  Chuck Knoblauch - Yankees
81.  Jose Offerman - Red Sox
82.  J.T. Snow Jr. - Giants
108.  Warren Morris - Pirates
116.  Shannon Stewart - Blue Jays
120.  Bret Boone - Padres
133.  Steve Finley - Diamondbacks

And now, the exam portion.  Study the second batch of nine cards from the pack.  The questions follow the scan.

#1:  Described on his baseball card as a "great hitter who turns it up in the clutch" but others might say he's mostly a finger waggling liar.
#2:  His card says he has "filled out in recent years" which basically sounds like he's gotten fat.
#3:  This player's card says his "power will increase with experience" which ended up being true as he amassed over 360 home runs in his career.
#4:  This player "does not make careless mistakes" and his card touts he has good speed which means he "could emerge as a base stealer."  As it turned out, he averaged 18 steals a year during his 15 year Major League career.
#5:  This player posted an 0-3 record the previous year but was still going to "get a shot in spring training."
#6:  This guy was descibed as "extremely popular among other players" which seems more like a year book platitude than a baseball card description.
#7:  This guys "eats up fastballs" and is "fairly quick for a big man."  You can't make this stuff up.
#8:  His baseball card says scouts call him a "professional hitter."
#9:  This is a redemption card that the back says is for an autograph (despite there being no autographs in the 2001 Stadium Club set).  In reality, this is a redemption for a game-used dirt card (but for who)?

Answers are below....

....don't cheat....

...did you get them all....

...seriously, study.... are just like my students, always wanting the answers...'s the journey that should be rewarding, not the destination...

...don't you hate crap like that?....

...if the journey were so grand we'd all travel via horse carriage and steam ship....

...last chance to not see the answers...

...for real.... they are!

The Answers:

#1:  Rafael Palmeiro - Rangers
#2:  Luis Matos - Orioles
#3:  Todd Helton - Rockies
#4:  Orlando Cabrera - Expos
#5:  Sean Fesh - Phillies
#6:  Robin Ventura - Mets
#7:  Mo Vaughn - Angels
#8:  Gregg Jefferies - Tigers
#9:  PP1.  Play at the Plate Game-used Dirt Card of Mark McGwire - Cardinals

I have to admit that I was incredibly bummed when I pulled this redemption.  I was really looking forward to seeing what a game-used dirt card looks like!  This card expired back in November of 2001 so I doubt poor madding will get anything out of it - but I'll still mail the redemption to him (in case he wants to try to see if Topps will give him anything - maybe a pack of Bowman or something).  I did do a quick search and found what the card should look like (from this eBay auction).

Pretty cool - I only wish it wasn't a stupid redemption that we pulled - always a disappointment when that happens in a group break.  I should point out that these cards are seeded 1:10 packs (and the box holds 12 packs) so there is an outside chance we could have a box with two Play at the Plate dirt cards.  I wouldn't hold my breath, but it is possible!

More group break goodies coming up in the near future - until then, study up!


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