Saturday, February 22, 2014

Topps Gallery: More Serially Numbered Goodness!

As the post title suggests, we are about to discover some serially numbered goodness out of the Topps Gallery box!  Here we go!

Pack 03:
52.  John Olerud - Mets
63.  Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
73.  Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks

If I'm not mistaken, Tony Lehman was hoping for some Randy Johnson cards - here's a beauty!
89.  Rod Beck - Cubs
123.  Travis Lee - Diamondbacks
18.  Player's Private Issue:  David Justice - Indians #104/250

In a surprise (to me at least), we have now found two Player's Private Issue cards within the first three packs of the box.  The cards are seeded 1:17 packs so we can possibly expect a third in the box - but getting two this quickly certainly makes this box exciting!  Maybe we got a hot box of sorts?  The only downside to the card is that there is some crimping along the top edge (which you might be able to make out in the scan).  I hope that David is happy regardless of the slight crimping at the top of the card.

Pack 04:
23.  Greg Vaughn - Reds

This is a rather interesting photo, nice to see Vaughn signing for the kids (adults?)!
26.  Andres Galarraga - Braves
32.  Jeromy Burnitz - Brewers

On the back of Burnitz's card, you can see another shot of a player signing autographs.  That sort of fits with the Gallery theme I suppose!
66.  Mark Kotsay - Marlins
68.  Johnny Damon - Royals
150.  George Lombard - Braves


Tony L. said...

That is a nice Randy! I was going to say Johnson, but this might be read by 8-year-olds who will die laughing at the double entendre.

--David said...

Wahoo!! I'm happy for ANY Indians cards!! And this one is fantastic stuff!! Been enjoying the break!

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