Tuesday, March 04, 2014

2000 Topps Tek: Finishing the Fourth Group Break Box!

With the group break finally winding all the way down (only four packs remain in total and we are about to open half of them in this post), I'll be returning to the slightly more manageable pace of two posts per day here at Nachos Grande.  This morning, I figured we should finish off the Topps Tek box and then one more post to finish off the Topps Gallery box and the break will be over!

Pack 19:
16-5.  Greg Maddux - Braves

17-4.  Carlos Beltran - Royals
20-12.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs
43-15.  Josh Girdley - Expos #0193/2000

A big congrats to Jaybarkerfan who lands his second serially numbered card of the break (both from this box) with the Girdley.  If this box holds true, Jaybarkerfan will get his third serially numbered card in the next pack (the rookies seem to each have two cards per box)!

Pack 20:
17-13.  Carlos Beltran - Royals
21-14.  J.D. Drew - Cardinals
34-7.  Alex Rodriguez - Mariners

35-10.  Sean Casey - Reds
43-9.  Josh Girdley - Expos #0135/2000

And there it is, another Girdley serially numbered card for Jaybarkerfan (as predicted)!  I should also note that this was another pack with a fifth card - a nice little bonus from Topps I guess (hey, I'll take it - the more Tek, the better)!  

The Tek box might not hold any major mojo like autos or relics, but I have to admit it's a lot fun to open.  The cards are solid suckers too - you could probably slice a tomato with 'em if you were in dire need of a sliced tomato and only had a Tek card handy.

One more box to go and then this break is over!


Play at the Plate said...

The ginzu knife of cards.

CaptKirk42 said...

I admit before this break what little I had seen of Tek I didn't like much. Well after this break I have a whole new respect for the set. Even though some of the designs are awful, but there are enough cool designs to sort of make up for them.

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