Friday, March 21, 2014

2013 Topps Chrome: The Penultimate Post! (With a Monster Hit!)

This is the penultimate post for my 2013 Topps Chrome box of cards that I received for Christmas.  With only four packs remaining, we have a 50% chance of finding that second promised autograph in this particular post!  Let's see what happens!

Pack #21:
91.  Josh Reddick

109.  Jay Bruce
131.  Carlos Gonzalez
83.  Refractor:  Shin-Soo Choo

Wow!  This pack was super for me - two Reds including a nice refractor of Choo (and to think I just bemoaned the fact in a previous post that I hadn't pulled any Reds parallels in the box).  I guess the cardboard gods are listening (so is it too much to ask for one of those Ultimate Chase autographs for my second auto)?!  

Pack #22:
26.  Carlos Ruiz
35.  Jose Altuve
115.  Edwin Encarnacion
Redemption!  Auto Rookie Variation Sepia Refractor Parallel of Hyun-Jin Ryu

I have to admit, I typed the previous paragraph then ripped pack #22 and quickly saw the redemption card and my heart beat increased substantially thinking just maybe I had really hit it big.  As it is, this is still a nice card (or at least it will be when it is delivered) - the Sepia autographs are numbered out of 75 copies so this is actually quite rare (in fact, according to the pack odds the sepia refractor rookie autos are seeded 1:403 packs!!  There's a decent chance I might list this card (along with a few others from the box) on eBay with the goal of making enough cash to buy a second box of 2013 Topps Chrome (I've really enjoyed busting this product so far).  

At this point, the final two packs will simply be gravy...  I think both packs could be full of nothing but duplicate of the Athletics and Rays and I'd still be happy with this box!


Matthew Scott said...

That is a good pull!

Tony L. said...

Very nice!

JediJeff said...

That is a very nice pull indeed.

petethan said...

Ooooooooo Blue Ryu in sepia media. Sweet!

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