Saturday, March 29, 2014

Delivery Time! Nomo's Sushi Sure is Tasty (A December 2013 Trade Post)

It's time to dip back into the 'ol mailbag - something I ought to do a bit more often if I'm ever going to get all caught up on trade packages.  Today's trade is courtesy of Michael over at Nomo's Sushi Platter.  This is the result of (if I recall correctly) a Trade Stack trade with a few extras going in each direction.  Luckily for me, Michael hasn't updated his Nomo blog since December so maybe that means I'm not so late in posting either (I don't think it works that way but a guy can hope, right?)...

First up, the requisite "one card from my want list" that is needed for any Trade Stack claim:

Yeah, I'm still working on 2013 Allen & Ginter.  Yeah, I'm tired of the set now too.  No, I won't give up - at least not yet.  Speaking of 2013 Ginter, if you haven't given up yet either I still have a bunch available for trade!

In addition to the Ginter card, Michael also sent a smattering of Reds my way.  I decided to scan my favorite three for all of you to enjoy.

We begin with a card of Chris Sabo from 1996 Fleer.

This is actually the parallel set that Fleer issued in '96 (the original '96 Fleer cards are printed on matte stock and have a much more washed out look).  Personally, I think the parallel set looks better!

Next, how about a surprise autograph?!

Yeah, this caught me off guard too!

That's Devin Mesoraco - the Reds' starting catcher for the next bunch of years (assuming he figures out how to hit big league pitching).  I don't particularly care for sticker autographs but at least this one the sticker fits in the card design almost flawlessly.  If you are going to do sticker autos, they should like this card!  I won't even hold the fact that it is a Bowman card against it...good stuff!

The final card to show off is this Topps Archives Reserve card of Joe Adcock.

There's something fun (and weird) about seeing chrome refractor versions of old time cards...  I suppose the novelty has mostly worn off for most people thanks to Topps Heritage, but I collect Heritage so infrequently lately that it's still somewhat novel for me!

Thanks for the great trade Micheal - and sorry once again for my incredibly slow response time in terms of getting a "thank you" post up on the blog!  As for anyone else, perhaps you want to see if I can get a thank you note up to you quicker?!  If so, check out my want list and make an offer!


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