Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Should be Grading Exams (But Topps Heritage is More Fun)!

I should be grading PreCalculus exams right now...but I'm not.  To be fair, I also did actually have to go to Wal*Mart (and when in the big box store, you might as well check the card aisle, right?).  My Wal*Mart is notoriously crappy - they never get new cards (or LEGO Collectible Minifigures - I still haven't seen any of the Collectible LEGO Movie Minifigures at my Wal*Mart).  Given that, I had extremely low expectations that I'd find any cards that I wanted...but lo and behold, what did my wandering eye spy?

Yep, a pair of 2014 Heritage rack packs.

Now, this is exciting for two reasons:  First, as I said, my Wal*Mart only recently got the 2014 Topps flagship cards (and hardly any of those) and so this was a surprise.  Second, the two rack packs mark the first 2014 card packs that I've purchased for myself (the only other two 2014 packs that I've opened were Heritage rack packs that my wife bought me when she went shopping at Target).

As is my custom, I'm going to prolong the opening experience for as long as possible - after all, I don't usually get to open new stuff so I'm going to enjoy it!  This will also serve as a nice way to "reward" myself for each page of the PreCalculus exam that I managed to get graded for the entire 26 person class.

The Target packs have red bordered parallels - Wal*Mart gets their customary blue bordered parallels.  I did manage to find one Target one in the two rack packs from there - will I get one of the blue ones in the Wal*Mart packs?  Only time will tell I guess.

Best way to start to find out is to open up the packs though - here is the top half of the first rack pack.  I'l have the rest of the cards at a later date (basically when I get done grading exams)!

35.  Ryan Vogelson
75.  Cody Asche
86.  Wei-Yin Chen
125.  Nate Schierholtz
130.  Austin Jackson
302.  Adam Eaton

310.  Domonic Brown

343.  Russell Martin
396.  Everth Cabrera
BF-RC.  Baseball Flashbacks:  Roberto Clemente

The Clemente is nice enough but this half of the rack pack was almost an instant disappointment.  Of the ten cards, I already had four of them (Schierholtz, Jackson, Eaton, and Brown).  This is terribly disappointing given how few cards I currently own from the set (and given the fact that I do hope to complete this set)!  On the bright side, I now have a small sampling of 2014 Topps Heritage Trade Bait!


P-town Tom said...

And I thought I was the only one who had to bribe themselves to get a stack of papers graded.

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