Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Topps Heritage: Nolan Ryan Shows Up!

In the past two days, I opened up my first 2014 Topps Heritage rack pack (courtesy of my wife)!  Today, I begin the second rack pack that my wife bought me - this is the upper half of the pack.

89.  Kyle Gibson

Kyle looks like he got his photo taken outside the parking lot of a Six Flags amusement park.  This also looks like a highly photoshopped card to me for reasons that I can't necessarily explain.
156.  Mark Ellis
118.  Justin Ruggiano
373.  Ben Revere
65MLB-NR.  Nolan Ryan

The 1965 MLB Draft insert set cards are seeded 1:6 rack packs.  This is a nice enough card - and since it features Nolan Ryan it's probably a keeper whether or not I try to complete the full insert set!
130.  Austin Jackson
310.  Domonic Brown
365.  Adeiny Heckavarria
13.  Ross Ohlendorf
175.  Dayan Viciedo

Dude looks like a giant in this photo!  (a pissed off giant we might add)

You can't really complain when a Nolan Ryan card is the best card of the (half) pack!  Still no base short prints for me...that doesn't bode well for me if I do indeed end up trying to complete the full base set!


RAZ said...

That 1965 MLB Draft set only has four cards in it, so I imagine you'll have a whole pile of the Ryan card before too long.

I haven't collected a Heritage set before, and I don't think I was fully prepared for how hard it is to get those SPs. There are a lot of them, and I can't seem to pull any from a rack pack. I am hoping my hobby boxes will have a better SP return.

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