Sunday, March 02, 2014

More Topps Tek as the Group Break Ticks Down...

At this point in the group break, we only have three boxes remaining.  The Topps Tek box has 4 packs, the Topps Gallery box has 4 packs, and the Stadium Club box has 1 jumbo pack.  Since I opened a couple of Gallery packs earlier this morning, let's shift our attention to the other box with the most packs:  2000 Topps Tek.  It's been a few days since we've busted any Tek - let's get back to it right now!

Pack 17:
15-5.  Manny Ramirez - Indians
31-2.  Vladimir Guerrero - Expos
35-7.  Sean Casey - Reds

Notice anything odd about the Casey card?  Yeah, it looks like this should be a Pirates card...but it turns out design #7 is actually the player's hometown (hence the Pittsburgh plastered all over the background).  I think that's sort of confusing...and why do I need a design celebrating a player's hometown anyhow?  Weird.
44-15.  Brett Myers - Phillies #0377/2000

No one claimed the Phillies - but someone probably should have.  This is the second such serially numbered card for the City of Brotherly Love!

Pack 18:
1-4.  Mike Piazza - Mets

I think the designs with the team logo in the background are the best that I've seen.  There are three different such designs #4 is the team logo, #5 is the team home cap logo, and #6 is the team primary logo.  Most of the others are sort of stupid (#12 is player left/right - why?, #13 is player birthday, #15 is the HTA logo - who cares about that?, etc.).  
11-2.  Jose Canseco - Rays
14-6.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
45-15.  Rick Asadoorian - Red Sox #1820/2000

Another serially numbered card for the Red Sox (claimed by Mark).  This is the second such card of the break for Mark.

If the stated pack odds hold true, our final two packs should contain another two serially numbered rookie cards (they are seeded 1:2 packs and we've now only found eight such cards with only two packs remaining out of the twenty pack box).


Mark Hoyle said...

I've got two of the Asadoorian serial numbered cards. Anybody want to trade.

Brady Umfleet said...

Hey Nacho Grande I have a few Reds cards to send you in a PWE as a thanks for your blog. What is your mailing address? Please feel free to email me at

Cheers Brady

Stubby said...

I was hoping for a Tek Piazza. I don't have any of them.

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