Monday, March 24, 2014

The First 2014 Topps Heritage in my Hands!

This weekend, I had to go in to work at the college to present to perspective high school sophomores and juniors during something called "Math & Science Saturday."  My wife went along with me and used the opportunity to do a bit of shopping while I was at work.  In a surprising move, she handed me two rack packs of 2014 Topps Heritage when she met me after the presentation!

Now, I haven't seen a single pack, rack pack, or blaster available anywhere near me, so how she found these is quite the mystery (besides the fact that they were at Target which you can see from the wrapper)!  Since this week is quite hectic, I'll be dividing the two rack packs into four posts - one for each of the halves of the pack!

Before I get to the first bunch of cards, I should say that this year's wrapper is quite colorful - the red and yellow is certainly eye catching!  Now, will the cards match the wrapper?

Rack Pack #1 - Part 1:
23.  Joaquin Benoit

First 2014 card of the year is a Padres...  Can't say I'm impressed much to paraphrase Shania Twain.
342.  Matt Carpenter
A Padre followed by a Cardinal?  Maybe Topps doesn't want my business.
43.  Carlos Beltran
And now a Yankee...  Great.  If the next card features black olives and swiss cheese (about the only two things worse than the Yankees and Cardinals) then I quit baseball collecting for good!
351.  Adam LaRoche
6.  NL RBI Leaders

Finally, something that I like - the NL RBI Leaders card is nice (but made great by the inclusion of Jay Bruce).  The Reds had two of the top four RBI leaders (Phillips just missed the cut for the card as he was 6 RBIs behind Freddie Freeman).
NF-VRA.  Voting Rights Act of 1965

It's hard to believe how backward the world was even as late as mid-last century.  The News Flashbacks are seeded 1:6 rack packs so this won't be the easiest set to complete.  In fact, Heritage insert sets are almost always difficult to complete (as in the base set with all those short prints)!  
117.  Chase Headley
242.  Ross Detwiler
185.  Matt Holliday
Another Cardinal.
34.  A.J. Burnett

The final card of the first chunk of the rack pack is yet another Reds' division rival card.  However, I can't find it in me to hate the Pirates - at least not yet since they've only had one winning season in seemingly forever (literally one winning season in my college students' lifetimes...hard to hate on that).

Although I didn't get the best player or team selection, I did enjoy my first rack pack (at least the first half of it).  What will the other half contain?  How about the second rack pack?  Will those two packs convince me to go after the full set?  These are all pressing questions that I hope to answer sooner rather than later!


Stubby said...

"It's hard to believe how backward the world was even as late as mid-last century."

It's hard to believe how backward "the world" (I think its just us, but OK) is even TODAY.

night owl said...

People who don't even collect cards are finding Heritage before me.

That's it. I'm getting a new hobby.

Brady Umfleet said...

I would say with all of those Cardinals it was a hot pack.

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