Sunday, March 02, 2014

Topps Gallery Redeems Itself: Who Landed the "One Per Every Other Box" Insert?!

Yesterday, I busted open four packs of 1999 Topps Gallery.  Let's do another two packs right now to kick off our Sunday morning!

Pack 19:
37.  Eric Davis - Cardinals
58.  Rusty Greer - Rangers
86.  Chipper Jones - Braves
95.  Orlando Hernandez - Yankees
137.  Alex Gonzalez - Marlins
AG1.  Awards Gallery:  Kerry Wood - Cubs

The Cubs land their third insert of the break - too bad no one claimed them!  I guess all these Cubs that are now mine make up for a rather weak break for my Reds...  The Awards Gallery cards are seeded 1:12 packs (and this is our second in the box as expected).

Pack 20:
3.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
21.  Tony Clark - Tigers

It was either this card of the Bernie Williams card to scan for the base cards - both are quite nice but I went with the iconic "runner leads off" pose here.
55.  Derek Bell - Astros
98.  Troy Glaus - Angels
112.  Tony Gwynn - Padres
TH18.  Topps Heritage Proofs:  Greg Maddux - Braves

Woah, a nice score for Junior Junkie and the Braves!  The Topps Heritage Proofs are seeded 1:48 packs (or 1 per every 2 boxes)!  Besides the autos and printing plates, these are the toughest draws in the set (they are tied with Exhibitions which are also seeded 1:48 packs)!

You can't necessarily tell from the scans but both the Maddux and the Woods cards are super shiny!  I think both look nice (though I greatly prefer the Heritage Proofs card...too bad I didn't get stuck with the Braves instead of the Cubs in the group break)!


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