Thursday, April 03, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 256: 1994 Select - #SK2 - Select Skills Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1994
Brand:  Select
Insert set:  Select Skills
Card number:  SK2

The Select Skills insert cards were seeded 1:24 packs in the 1994 Select Series 2 boxes.  For a Barry Larkin collector, that meant you would have to buy a box of Series 1 to get Larkin's base card and then a bunch of Series 2 until you hit this insert!  Of course, now we all have the luxury of sites like eBay and Listia and so acquiring once rare inserts isn't nearly so difficult (or expensive).

As for the card itself, it's alright.  I like the cloud effect in the background of the front (which carries over to the back of the card) but it looks like Score took an image of Larkin batting (complete with someone standing by the dugout) and then wiped the top half of the background to put the clouds in.  The whole feels a bit "off" to me.  The back of the card is incredibly simplistic, just a short blurb about how great Larkin is (plus a nice head shot of Barry).

All told, it's not my favorite insert card ever - but I do happen to like it despite its flaws.  I also never collected the 1994 Select brand so this is a nice card to get just so I can get a taste of that set!


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