Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blast(er)! The Conclusion of the Wal-Mart Blaster (Complete with a Retail Hit)!

If there's one thing that I've learned it is that buying blasters does not help me with my goal of sorting all my cards.  Oh sure, the new cards from a blaster aren't hard to catalog (after all, they are all from one set)...but they take up even more space and they take away time from me organizing all the cards that I already own.  Despite all that, sometimes the urge to rip new packs is too much for me to handle...and when in Rome Wal*Mart as they say...

This is the second half of the Wal*Mart blaster that I began ripping yesterday.

Pack 5:

The fifth pack from the blaster was a great one for sure.  First, I got another New Age Performer insert card (seeded 1:8).  This time, the New Age player was none other than Colorado's finest:  Carlos Gonzalez.

The other nice card in the pack was the Miguel Cabrera short print.  This makes two short prints for the blaster thus far.

Pack 6:
Pack six was the clear loser pack for this half of the blaster.  Nothing special (and almost all duplicate base cards).  Boo!

Pack 7:

The previous might have stunk, but pack seven made up for it.  First, I pulled the really nice Johnny Bench 1st Draft insert card.  That card has such a wonderful retro feel to the design, I love it!

The other highlight of the pack was my third short print of the box - this time of Yu Darvish.  I kind of hate how Topps made almost all of the stars short prints this's going to make tracking down certain short prints a real bear I'm afraid.  On the other hand, it does mean there are plenty of middle reliever common cards for everyone!

Pack 8:

The final pack had a Devin Mesoraco base card - but the real surprise was the Andy Pettitte relic card.  The relics are seeded 1:69 packs so they are plenty rare for retail shoppers!  Unfortunately, I can't say I have any particular attachment to this card - so it's available for trade (ideally for a similar Reds' relic or else a selection of short prints and base cards that I need)!

Overall, it was a solid blaster - but given the new cards to duplicate ratio, I think I should stop buying 2014 Heritage blasters at this point.  I now have a healthy stack of cards available for trade - and my want list is up to date as well!


The Lost Collector said...

Cool Pettitte! I'd love to trade for it if it's still available. Let me see if I have a Reds relic for you in return.

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