Friday, April 04, 2014

Delivery Time! Hot Corner Sends Some 2014 Reds My Way!

Patrick, from the wonderful Hot Corner Cards seems to have a knack for pulling interesting Reds cards.  Luckily, I'm on his trade list and so I often end up with some of his pack breaking spoils!  A week or so ago, an unannounced PWE showed up in my mailbox courtesy of Patrick that was chock full of Reds parallels!

First, this red parallel that I'm assuming is one of the Target exclusives.

I might be totally wrong about that - when you don't buy any of a particular set yourself most of the nuances of the set are lost!  Anyhow, I like seeing photos of pitchers batting!

Next, a yellow parallel of the Reds' one bona fide superstar:  Joey Votto.

I have no idea where you get yellow parallels, maybe Exxon gas stations*?  Seriously though, there are so many parallels I don't know how anyone keeps up!  This is card happens to remind me of 1991 Fleer!

*I actually doubt it's Exxon but I don't know where yellow comes from.  Maybe Toys 'R Us?

Finally, two more parallels - this time of the sparkly variation.

Both are red sparkles from 2014 - a continuation of the sparkle theme that Topps started back in 2011 (a set that I'm still working on by the way)!

Thanks for the fun PWE Patrick - and should anyone else want to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


Scott Sawyer said...

Topps is channeling early 2000's Donruss sets with all of the unnecessary parallels.

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