Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dipping into the Pack Stash!

Back in December of last year, I asked if you had a pack stash.  That post ended up generating a fair number of comments on my blog (11) plus a few other "response posts" that others blogged on their own sites.  Since that day, I've decided to try and grow my pack stash - and I can successfully report that my pack stash is much more robust now than it was then.  Of course, a bit boon to the stack is the fact that I've been in the midst of a collection reorganization...and yes, I found a bunch of unopened packs stuck in random boxes!!

The beauty of having a pack stash is that when you feel like ripping some wax, you can.  I do happen to have a second blaster of Topps Heritage sitting here waiting for me rip it...but I wanted a break from Heritage for a day...and so I decided to dip into the stash and rip something different.

What did I end up grabbing?

How about three packs of 2012 Goodwin Champions?!  I actually like this set quite a bit - and there's the outside chance of pulling something good (which makes opening packs a bit more exciting)!  Will I end up hitting it big (or, at the very least, acquire some new cards for my set)?  Let's find out together!

Pack 1:
103.  Bryan Clay
108.  Nolan Ryan

142.  Chantal Sutherland
MM13.  Military Machines:  M3 Stuart

The Nolan Ryan card seems just a touch creepy...but I can't quite decide what it is about the card that makes me cringe.  The Military Machines card is an insert - but it's not one that I'm going to collect and so it's available should anyone want it.  I know there used to be a couple of people who were actively collecting that set...maybe one of them will see this and still need the tank?

Pack 2:
64.  Ned Crotty
115.  Sarah Bernhardt

This was an eclectic pack topped by none other than "The Devine Sarah" as Bernhardt was known.  
127.  Dennis Eckersley
166.  Stonewall Jackson

Pack 3:
15.  Billy Beane
18.  Hunter Mahan
112.  Norris Cole
MM16.  Military Machines:  Patrol Torpedo Boat

Another Military Machines card (also available for trade).  I never knew the PT in "PT Boats" stood for Patrol Torpedo.  If nothing else, at least I learned a little something while reducing my pack stash by a bit!

Tomorrow, I'll probably return to the 2014 Heritage set and start ripping my second blaster.  Until then, feel free to show off your own pack stashes (especially if you missed my post last year)!


Play at the Plate said...

I have the tank but I need the patrol boat. I've got a few cards already set aside for you.

hiflew said...

I didn't like Goodwin when UD had a license. The 2011 and 2012 sets have to rank way up there on worst sets of all time in my book.

BTW, that looks more like Dr. Cox from Scrubs than Nolan Ryan.

Need More Cardboard said...

I can't fathom having a pack stash. I have to rip asap after buying. I can buy 5 hobby boxes and I'll take 3 hours to sit down and rip non stop until I'm done.

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