Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Box Score Finale: A Three Swatch Jersey Card Ends the Box!!

It's a sort of sad day in that today is the day that I finish off my final Christmas box of cards.  Yes, I managed to last deep into April before ripping all the boxes...but now that they are all done I'm sort of sad.  Happily, I do have one more unopened box that I picked up since Christmas - but I'll probably wait to bust that until later this summer when I get the pack ripping itch again!  For now though, let's finish off that box of 2003 Fleer Box Score.  

Editor's note:  I mentioned in the previous post that I "pack searched" the final four packs setting aside the pack that I felt had the final hit in it.  I can now report that I was wrong...  In the spirit of keeping things interesting right up 'til the end, I will first present that pack that I thought the hit was in...and then the final pack will have the final hit (which is pretty cool I have to admit)!

Pack 17:
18.  Craig Biggio 
22.  Torii Hunter
64.  Manny Ramirez
69.  Moises Alou
72.  Jose Vidro
78.  Ken Griffey Jr.

A great card of the kid (even if it is a duplicate for the box)!
93.  Eric Hinske
117.  Bernie Castro

Another rookie short print - I really beat the odds with these in the box (which is awesome for me since I hope to build the full base set)!

Pack 18:
21.  Matt Morris
27.  A.J. Burnett
41.  Paul Lo Duca
60.  Carlos Delgado
63.  Edgar Martinez
77.  Aubrey Huff
Box Score 3-Swatch Jersey Rack:  Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson, & Greg Maddux #340/350

Woah, that's an awesome card to end a box break!!  I don't think I've ever pulled a three-swatch card where each swatch is from a different player...and I know for sure that I've never pulled one where the three players are of the caliber of Schilling, Johnson, and Maddux.  

When Curt Schilling is the worst player on a relic card, you know you've done alright!  I like the design of the relic as well - the shirt rack motif works well with three random cloth swatches.  I am also happy that all three shirts appear to be different - and only one is boring white!  

Overall, I enjoyed opening this box a lot!  In fact, I might see about getting another one to open in the near future...depending of course on how I do collation wise in terms of the set.  What do you think of the Box Score set?  Should something similar be brought back by Topps (or maybe Panini)?  


defgav said...

That's a sweet hit!
Overall, I'm not loving this set, though. Maybe if it was put it out under the Score brand.. so you could buy a Score Box Score box, which would be funny.

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