Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Fleer Box Score Box Continues...and Summer Beckons!

In two days I have to proctor some final exams...and once I grade them I'll be done with work for the summer (well, besides attending commencement which is required of me by my college).  In order to celebrate the unofficial start of summer, I've been busting my Christmas box of 2003 Fleer Box Score.  This morning, I found my first relic (in a pack at least - I already had the relic from the supplementary box).  At this point, there are only six packs remaining...and there should be a second relic in one of them!

Pack 13:
11.  Mark Buehrle
18.  Craig Biggio
41.  Paul Lo Duca

43.  Jay Gibbons
60.  Carlos Delgado
84.  John Olerud
93.  Eric Hinkse

Not much of note in that pack (besides more base cards that I needed for my set).  I'm still hoping to get the full (non-SP) base set out of this single box.  I'm going to be close for sure...but whether I get every card is to be determined yet!

Pack 14:
1.  Troy Glaus
28.  Jimmy Rollins
54.  Rich Aurilia

62.  Jacque Jones
75.  Vladimir Guerrero
96.  Eric Chavez
114.   Pete LaForest

Well, well, well, a surprise short print!  I thought I was done with them seeing as how I already found three and the fact that they are seeded 1:6 packs.  I'll take it though - that means I now only need 11 more short prints for the full set!


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