Thursday, April 24, 2014

You Have to Be a Fan of Newspapers I Guess.

I'm down to a mere four packs remaining in my 2003 Fleer Box Score box.  Thus far, I've found one relic in the packs - there should be one more in the final four packs.  I will admit that I attempted to "pack search" and I set aside the pack that I thought was the thickest for the final post.  Did I get it right in terms of which pack had the relic - or do my pack searching skills completely suck (in which case the second relic will show up in this post)?  Let's find out!

Pack 15:
20.  Pat Burrell
23.  Curt Schilling
70.  Bartolo Colon
73.  Scott Rolen
80.  Ben Grieve
82.  Austin Kearns

I believe this is the third (and final) Reds player in the base set.  That's a low number - but not unexpected for a 100 card set.
91.  Bernie Williams
98.  David Eckstein

No hits in that pack...only three remain!

Pack 16:
6.  Tim Hudson
17.  Luis Gonzalez
34.  Jason Kendall
39.  Roger Clemens
45.  Sean Burroughs
90.  Todd Helton
11 of 20 PC. Press Clippings:  Tim Hudson

The Press Clippings inserts are seeded 1:18 packs - which makes them one of the most boring box hits that I've ever seen.  I think you have to be either a fan of newspapers of the Athletics to have any love for this card.  I don't mind newspapers but the Athletics don't do anything for me...  This one's available for trade should someone be interested in it.

Not a bad pair of packs for the penultimate post dealing with 2003 Fleer Box Score.  I'm hopeful that the final pair of packs will produce the second promised hit!


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