Saturday, May 24, 2014

1999 Pacific Private Stock: Best Pack So Far!

I return from my vacation today - so this is one of the final "phoned in" posts from me.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be rested and ready to rock and roll once again.  For now though?  You get another pre-written, pre-scheduled post.

Pack 15:
11.  Greg Maddux
37.  Ryan Klesko
59.  Dante Bichette
110.  Barry Larkin

The entire box was worthwhile for this card alone...but if I could pull one of those seriall-numbered Larkins, woo boy!
148.  Matt Williams
PS-206.  112.  Edgar Martinez

Pack 16:
1.  Jeff Bagwell
10.  Travis Lee
67.  Mike Caruso
71.  Ryan Christenson
97.  Livan Hernandez
PS-206.  46.  Mo Vaughn

The minis in this set are alright but as I open more and more packs it has become clear to me that outside of a few guys that I collect the rest are nothing but trade bait for me!  That list of trade bait definitely will include both the Edgar Martinez mini and the Mo Vaughn mini.  Both good players, but neither guys that I'm interested in collecting.


Mark Hoyle said...

I like the Vaughn

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