Thursday, May 29, 2014

1999 Pacific Private Stock: Finishing Off the Box!

I should be returning home later today from my series of meetings in New York state.  Since this post is obviously being pre-written, I'm going to take the easy way out and finish off the final two packs out of my 1999 Pacific Private Stock box!

Pack 23:
20.  Kerry Wood
33.  Vladimir Guerrero
79.  Eric Davis
106.  Jeff Kent
PS-206:  52.  Garret Anderson
Home Run History:  16.  Sammy Sosa HR #66

I don't find the Home Run History cards to be all that exciting today - after all, the entire home run race has been tainted by corked bats, juiced biceps, and generally unlikable liars.  However, if you are going to get a Home Run History card, you probably want it to be this one (at least as far as Sosa is concerned).

Pack 24:
43.  Rafael Palmeiro
87.  Jason Giambi
130.  Aramis Ramirez

137.  Richie Sexson
140.  Matt Stairs
PS-206:  3.  J.D. Drew

And so ends the box.

The good news?  I did pull a Barry Larkin base card for my collection.
The bad news?  Way too many base card duplicates - especially since I didn't finish the base set from the box.  Also, no Larkin mini card which I was really hoping to pull!


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