Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Delivery Time: S.Mack Talk S.Macks my Want List Around.

Another day, another package of cards in the mail!  I love when that happens, it sure beats walking up to a mailbox full of bills.  Anyhow, today's package is actually a PWE stuffed with shiny Chrome goodness courtesy of Jimmy over at S.Mack Talk.

Jimmy has decided to chase the 2013 Gypsy Queen mini set - and I want the 2013 Topps Chrome set so this ended up being an easy trade!

Jimmy had eight Chrome cards for me - I'll show off the four that I liked best for today's post (I can't show all eight since one card that I needed was Adam Wainwright and no one wants to see that).

In reverse order of interest to me:

Wilin Rosario

Let's face it, this is only here because of the Topps rookie cup.  I love that thing - and it's even cooler on Chrome cards.

Jason Werth

There are tons of cards featuring photos of players batting, running the bases, pitching, and even fielding.  However, there aren't nearly as many cards of baseball players in the dugout (or on the dugout stairs as in the case of Werth).  While I understand the need for action shots, some of the more casual images also can make for neat baseball cards - and for me, this is definitely an example of a neat card!

Evan Longoria

I pulled a Sepia refractor of this card, but not the regular 'ol base card.  The ADD in me won't allow me to substitute a refractor for a regular card in the binder pages and thus I had to trade for Longoria.  It's a great horizontal shot though - probably the best card out of the eight that Jimmy sent me except...

Todd Frazier

...I'm a huge Reds fan and so Frazier gets top billing here as the best third baseman in the trade package (plus there's another rookie cup appearance here)!

Thanks for the great trade Jimmy!  And, as always, should anyone else want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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