Friday, May 09, 2014

Digging Into the Box V: A Smattering of Mini Cards!

This is the fifth post dealing with the gigantic box of cards that my brother recently sent me.  It's been a lot of fun going through the various cards - and I'm still not done!  For today's post, I thought I'd dig out the various minis in the box and show those off!

First up, a few 1988 Topps Mini Leaders.

I couldn't find out much information about these cards online - what you see above is the eight cards that my brother sent my way.  They certainly are patriotic little cards, aren't they?  For the record, I think the Tim Raines is my favorite image, followed by the Wade Boggs batting cage shot.

Next up, a small stack of 2012 Goodwin Champions minis.  The selection of minis was interesting to me since I have only opened up a handful of packs from the set.  First, there were a bunch of "regular" minis such as the hippie-looking Bill Walton and the surfing (one-time gymnast) Laura Enever.

It's not often you get a woman wearing a red bathing suit on a baseball card...

There were also a few green bordered Lady Luck minis.

I chose to scan the Jonathan Huberdeau simply because that seemed like the coolest card of the bunch (get it, cuz he's a hockey player who plays on ice...nevermind).

The final few Goodwin minis (three in total) were a surprise - they are some sort of foil board minis printed on shiny stock (as opposed to the "old fashioned" cardboard that was used for the rest of the set).
This scanned poorly but that border is a bright foil silver, not black as it appears here.  You'll have to trust me on that I guess.

I have no idea what they are, but I scanned Elway just because.

Finally, since I'm sticking with the mini theme today, there was this unopened gem in the box:

You better believe I had to rip this - there's always a chance of a Barry Larkin in the set!

I didn't find any Larkins, but I did find a rather nice Tom Browning card:

There was also a cool McGwire (pre-roids -maybe?) sticker:

And for completion, the rest of the pack in a single scan:

Thanks for all the great mini cards bro!  At this point, I've gone through a bit over one-fourth of the box so I know I'll have at least a few more posts from the box before all is said and done!  For those that might have missed some of my previous posts, I invite you to go back through my archives to see what other goodies I've already shown off from the box!


Tony L. said...

Actually, those top cards are the 1988 UK Minis. The Mini Leaders from that year used the look and formatting that Topps employed for its "Team Leaders" photos in 1988 -- the white cloud-like border.

Compare: Mini Leaders:

UK Minis:

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