Monday, May 26, 2014

Man, A Guy Goes on Vacation for a Week and Everything Changes! (Happy Memorial Day)

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the previous week on a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.  I plan to do a full review of my cruise in the near future - so look for that when the time is right (i.e. when I have more time to write a long post)!  What I might not have mentioned is that right before I left for my trip I received word that I successfully interviewed and was granted a brand new job beginning (officially) in July of this year!

I will be leaving the world of pure teaching and moving over into a staff position in which I'll be heading up my college's mathematics center (which hasn't yet been formed - my first task)!  The position will allow me to teach a few classes each year, but after this coming fall semester I'll no longer be teaching a full-time load.  It's somewhat bittersweet to leave my teaching gig - but the jig was definitely up without going on for the Ph.D.  I definitely lucked out in that I get to continue teaching at least a few college math classes each year while fulfilling my duties in my new position.

It'll be challenging - especially the first year or two - but I love challenges so I'm looking forward to it!

Next, I also received word that I was selected as one of my college's representatives for a grant that will be meeting this summer.  I don't know a lot about the grant yet (that's what the planning meeting is for) but I do know it hinges on teaching effectiveness - something very much near and dear to my heart (and a perfect tie-in to my new job)!

Finally, my summer softball season begins this week.

Busy times!

Now, I only mention all that on the blog so that you know what is happening - and why things might slow down a bit around here.  In fact, this past week while I was on vacation there were a couple of days in which I only had time to schedule a single post.  Then, yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day mowing my jungle of a lawn which meant I barely had time to post anything.

I imagine this will be closer to the norm rather than the exception as I move forward but we shall see.  I do know that I still enjoy blogging - and trading (and collecting cards of course) so I don't see myself hanging it up quite yet.

Plus, how could I quit when I still have 25% of an unopened box of Pacific cards sitting on my desk?

Exactly, I can't.

Here's the next couple of packs out of the box.

Pack 19:
17.  Ivan Rodriguez
102.  Brian Jordan
109.  Ray Lankford
144.  Tim Wakefield
PS-206:  33.  Vladimir Guerrero

Private Stock Exclusive Series:  8.  Derek Jeter #190/299

Well, if I'm not going to get a parallel of Barry Larkin, I would hazard a guess that Jeter would be one of the best non-Reds to pull in the set!  This card is numbered out of 299 on the reverse (in black ink).  The Exclusive Series is so named because it is exclusive to hobby packs of Private Stock.  The only real difference between this card and a regular base card is the stamp on the front and the serial numbering on the reverse of the card.  Still, a nice pull - and a nice welcome back for me in terms of card collecting!

Speaking of welcome backs, did I mention that my brother dropped off another TWO big 'ol boxes of cards for me to sort through?


Pack 20:
14.  Manny Ramirez
33.  Vladimir Guerrero
56.  Derek Bell
86.  Cliff Floyd
147.  Rondell White
PS-206 Parallel:  6.  Ken Griffey Jr.

Another nice pack!  The Griffey Jr. is the red back parallel mini card (seeded 1:25 packs).

Once again, if I couldn't pull a Larkin I couldn't do much better than getting a Griffey Jr. card!  This one goes directly into my personal collection for sure!

That was a fun start to my return to the "real world."  Hopefully there are a few more surprises lurking in the final four packs of the box...  Whether or not there are, they will have to wait until a later date.

Until then, Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Actually, as my sister rightly pointed out - it's probably not proper to say "Happy" in front of Memorial Day - let's not forget the men and women who served our country.


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Heading up the mathematics center? Sounds like my personal dream job! Good luck with the new responsibilities!

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