Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pacific Private Stock Pack Rip! Nothing Much to See Here...

You knew I couldn't go all day without opening a couple more packs out of my 1999 Pacific Private Stock box, didn't you?  I'm predictable like that I guess.

Pack 7:
32.  Ben Gieve
43.  Rafael Palmeiro
84.  Damion Easley
93.  Carlos Guillen

The rookies in the set get a special "rookie" label on them.
137.  Richie Sexson
PS-206.  38.  Kenny Lofton

Pack 8:
11.  Greg Maddux

37.  Ryan Klesko
56.  Derek Bell
99.  Bob Higginson
108.  Mark Kotsay
PS-206.  53.  Rolando Arrojo

Wow, that pack was weak sauce.

Not much to say about the two packs tonight.  Pretty dull if you ask me!  Even worse, I picked up my second duplicate out of the box (Easley).  Boo!


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Any Redsox surface

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