Monday, May 19, 2014

Pacific Private Stock Packs: Jeter, a Pair of Hoffmans, and My First Red of the Box

I will be sure to post things besides 1999 Pacific Private Stock pack rips on my blog this week - but at the moment I'm still having too much fun opening packs to put them off until Tuesday!

Pack 5:
8.  Derek Jeter

A nice card of the retiring Yankee legend.
21.  Roberto Alomar
84.  Damion Easley
92.  Jose Guillen
140.  Matt Stairs
PS-206.  22.  Moises Alou

Can't say that the Alou mini excites me all that much.  Not too many Astros fans out there...

Pack 6:
35.  Todd Helton
46.  Mo Vaughn
68.  Sean Casey

Woo!  My first Cincinnati Reds card out of the box.
100.  Trevor Hoffman
128.  Dean Palmer
PS-206.  100.  Trevor Hoffman

Two Hoffman cards in the same pack - one regular and one mini sized.  I suppose there are worse options to get two versions of...  Unfortunately, I have already pulled one of the Hoffman base cards - so 'ol Hoffman ends up being my first duplicate from the box.


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