Monday, June 02, 2014

Anyone Interested in Prehistoric Cards?

A few months ago, one of my wife's family members handed me a small paper bag containing cards saying to me "maybe you can use or sell these."  I, of course, thought that the bag held baseball cards - but I was very much mistaken!

You see, the bag actually contained two complete sets of cards - but of the prehistoric type.  In fact, the first set was the 1993 Premier Edition Collector's Cards titled Prehistoric Artifacts of Early Man.  These were published by Ross Collector Cards.

The 1993 contains 25 cards - all of which are present here.

The much larger set that was in the bag was the 1994 set of the same name.  This set comes with a box and contains 150 different cards (plus an extra informational card or two).

Although the front image is the same (that of the mammoth), the set name differs at the bottom.

I've scanned the front of one card and the back of another card just so you can see what the set looks like.

Quite honestly, both sets are nice enough - but I simply have no interest in the subject matter.  I'm hoping to either sell these or trade them for some stuff on my want list.  I'll listen to any offers - and if I don't get any suitable offers I'll probably list both sets on eBay.


hiflew said...

I had no idea these cards existed. My degree is in anthropology specializing in archaeology. I will have to find you some stuff for these.

Nachos Grande said...

hiflew, great! Shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

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