Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Need Some Help for an Ex-Student. Who Signed this Baseball?!

One of my ex-students recently emailed me with a couple of photos of a signed baseball that she found in her grandfather's belongings.  She wanted to know if I could identify who signed the ball - and whether or not they are important!

Since I know many of you that read my blog are MUCH better at this type of thing than I am - I am now asking you for help!

Any ideas?  According to my ex-student, she has no idea when her grandfather acquired the ball (or how)...  Makes it tough!


Dennis said...

Of course they're important! That ball was signed by Grill Keig, Chi Mati, Malig But, and Mikl Zeis!

hiflew said...

Well the China label means the ball was not made before 1987, so that rules out Abner Doubleday. If her grandfather is from your neck of the woods I think the second picture would be Chris Martin, Mario Brito, and Mitch Simons from the 1993 Harrisburg Senators.

I have no clue about the first one.

Nachos Grande said...

Dennis, you are about as good at this as me (though your answers are better than what I came up with).

Hiflew, you win the game! I think you nailed it. My student ended up telling me after I posted this that the family's best guess was either Harrisburg Senators or Baltimore Orioles signed both balls.

The Junior Junkie said...

Yorll Kerg
Chi Mati
Ufaeig But
Mihl Sris

You're welcome.

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