Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Box #1: It's a No-Number Party!

We are about to close out the first (of four) 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's hobby boxes.  Currently, only four packs remain which means by the end of the post there will be a mere two packs to bust tonight in order to finish off the full box!  There should still be one more hit lurking somewhere in the final four packs - let's see if we find it now!

Pack 21:
23.  Snoop Lion
41.  Lou Gehrig
69.  Johnny Cueto
126.  Willie Stargell
238.  Bert Kreischer
304.  Matt Cain
Festivals & Fairs:  2.  Carnivale

Carnivale seems like a crazy party seeing as how it's a weeklong celebration!  Of course, the image on the card sort of looks like something that belongs in the early 1900s which would probably greatly reduce the levels of revelry and craziness.
World's Deadliest Predators:  3.  Blue-Ringed Octopus

Yeah, another mini insert for me!  Remember, I WANT YOUR 2014 ALLEN & GINTER'S INSERTS (REGULAR SIZED AND MINIS).

Pack 22:
29.  Shelby Miller
(114.)  Desmond Jennings

As others have already noticed, the Desmond Jennings base card actually has no card number on the back.  While Ginter is known for lots of crazy ideas, the best guess is that the Desmond Jennings card somehow relates to the Crack the Code contest.  
118.  Adam Schefter
199.  Joe Mauer
231.  Carlos Gomez
330.  Joe Kelly
Fields of Yore:  Wrigley Field

Can a Field of Yore really be a field that is still in use today?  I have to think Topps could have found some out-of-use fields to fill out the Fields of Yore checklist rather than relying on old, but still in use stadiums like Wrigley.
A&G back no number mini:  Hector Santiago

I guess the theme for pack #22 was no numbers seeing as how I pulled two such cards!  The no numbered minis are seeded 1:64 packs which means they are one pack easier to find than the A&G back short prints (such as the one I pulled earlier in the box).


cynicalbuddha said...

Funny I thought the same thing when I saw Wrigley on the Fields of Yore checklist.

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