Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's: The Onslaught Begins (A Price Comparison)

I had a busy day yesterday doing yard work (mostly mowing in the heat).  However, I managed to sandwich my yard work with a pair of trips to Wal-Mart.  The first time around, I got some groceries that we needed plus I happened to see that they had a few Jumbo Rack Packs in stock so I grabbed my first Ginter of the year!

After I was done mowing, I realized that I forgot one grocery item so it was back to Wal-Mart (complete with another trip to the card aisle of course).  In the span of a few hours, Wal-Mart had stocked the shelves with some Ginter blasters (only three remained - I grabbed two of them).

And so now I get to have a blast opening up my first 2014 Allen & Ginter's cards!

Before I do that though, I thought it'd be worth doing a quick price comparison.

The so-called Jumbo packs are $6 each while the blaster is the standard $20.  Each blaster comes with 8 packs 7 packs plus one extra pack.  Each pack has six cards for a total of 48 cards per box.  This averages out to 41.6 cents per card.

Each Jumbo pack contains 14 cards, but you can get three Jumbo packs for the price less than one blaster.  Three Jumbo packs would net you 42 cards.  This averages out to 42.9 cents per card.  If you ignore the eight minis, you pay 50 cents per "regular sized" card.

The benefits to the blaster box include things like $20 worth of different cards - something that you can't be sure of if you buy three different Jumbo packs.  The benefits of the Jumbo packs include the lower price point up front - and if you ignore the minis you pay 50 cents per card here too!  Another Jumbo pack advantage is that you could buy two Jumbo packs and end up with a pair of rarer minis, whereas in a blaster box you (most likely) will not ever end up with a pair of rare minis in the same blaster.

In the end, the price per base card is the same and the price per mini is almost the for this year at least, go with whichever packaging style you prefer!  Stay tuned later today - and all next week probably as I feature lots of Allen & Ginter's goodness here at Nachos Grande!


cynicalbuddha said...

No case break this year?

Nachos Grande said...

No, no case this year. Prices went way too high - I couldn't afford to lock in a case early and now there's no shot with boxes $90+.

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