Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Wal-Mart Blaster #2

As I did when I posted the contents of my first Allen & Ginter blaster of 2014, I only plan to hit the highlights out of each of the eight packs in the blaster.  Tomorrow, I plan to post my final Jumbo pack and then (hopefully) my hobby boxes will arrive!

Once again, before we start let me say:

I want your 2014 ALLEN & GINTER'S insert cards (regular sized, mini inserts, and box toppers)!  Contact me if you have any for trade!  Thanks.

Pack 1:

A Matt Cain short print was the highlight of the base cards.  My personal favorite card out of the pack happened to be the World's Capitals card of Washington D.C. though.

Pack 2:

The second pack held three inserts - two regular sized (Felix Hernandez Pastime's Pastimes and Kin Umberto Coincidence card) and one mini card (the Larger than Life card of William Tell pictured above).  This is my first Larger than Life mini - and I have to admit that I like it a lot!

Pack 3:

A Jeff Samardzija short print can't best the Ebbets Field Fields of Yore insert card!

Pack 4:

Is anyone collecting the A&G back minis this year?  The Pujols from this pack (plus all my other non-Reds A&G backed minis are available for trade).

Pack 5:

The fifth pack had a Joe Kelly regular sized short print plus a Jeff Samardzija A&G back short print (seeded 1:65 packs).  Since I'm not collecting the A&G back cards though, I prefer the Door to Hell Natural Wonder card.

Pack 6:

The "best" card in the pack was an Allen Craig regular back mini short print but who wants to scan a Cardinals' card when you could scan a Reds' card?  Hello Mr. Cingrani, please start feeling (and pitching) better soon.

Pack 7:

Yet another regular short print (Adam Jones) plus my second Natural Wonders insert card (this time Luray Caverns).  However, I think the World's Deadliest Predators card of the Great White Shark is the best card of the pack.  Topps did a shark set in Allen & Ginter once before but I guess this set will include many different creatures rather than only sharks.

Pack 8:

The final pack of the blaster was a dud in my eyes.  The only interesting card was this Pedro Martinez regular back mini card.

Well, no hits in either blaster - which means I ended up doing MUCH better with my Jumbo Packs from Wal-Mart.  Oh well, the set is lots of fun to open whether you get any actual hits or not - it's hard to not love at least a few of the insert sets!


P-town Tom said...

Thanks for posting the cards. The blogosphere has been suspiciously quiet with its A&G so far this summer. I guess everyone is holding out for Gint-a-Cuffs?

RAZ said...

I am holding out for Gint-a-Cuffs for the most part. What little A & G I have opened has been a bit underwhelming outside of a Masahiro Tanaka relic and I couldn't be bothered to do all the work of scanning and posting about it.

Mark Hoyle said...

The Pedro card is pretty sweet

Tony L. said...

I just got my first ones today. And, um, Joey Votto Relic.

Play at the Plate said...

I still can't find any.

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