Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Anyone Still Working on 2014 Topps Heritage?!

I'm pleased to report that I'm getting back to my baseball cards after completing a few various woodworking projects (more on that tomorrow) plus a short vacation.  One of my first goals was to get my 2014 Topps Heritage FOR TRADE list up-to-date.  I'd love to work out a deal to clear them out of here - preferably for some cards that I need!  I'm happy to trade multiple base cards for short prints if need be - and/or I'm happy to trade for cards from other sets that I'm still working on as well!  Finally, I threw a few cards up on eBay as well, so check those out too!


The Chop Keeper said...

That reminds me- I have three of the SPs I need to send you.

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