Monday, July 21, 2014

More Goodies from Ginter Box #1: My First Hobby Hit!

For the third time today, let's dip back into the first (of four) 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's hobby boxes.  Here are the next pair of packs.

Pack 5:
31.  Michael Choice
35.  Brooks Robinson
108.  Nolan Ryan
247.  Billy Williams
278.  CC Sabathia
316.  Ken Griffey Jr.

I actually prefer having some of the legends as short prints - it should give a bit more value to the set (and make other less desirable short prints more affordable)!  This is a great card of The Kid!
Fields of Yore:  7.  Tiger Stadium

I've been to Detroit's new stadium but I never made it to old Tiger Stadium.
Reg. mini:  118.  Adam Schefter

Pack 6:
58.  Tyler Skaggs
77.  Stan Musial
129.  Hank Aaron
168.  Miguel Cabrera
Pastime's Pastimes:  Ty Cobb

I'm a bit surprised "douche bag" isn't Cobb's pastime.  Instead, he is listed as a Businessman.
Into the Unknown:  7.  Louis Hennepin

I never heard of Hennepin before (and if you haven't, Hennepin was a Catholic priest who explored the North American interior in the late 1600s).  This is the sixth pack out of the box and my first mini insert..makes me fear that collecting all the mini inserts might be impossible for me this year!
Relic (Group B):  Ian Desmond

This year, full sized relics Version A and Version B are each seeded 1:24 packs (or 1 per box).  That means you should get two of these relics plus one framed card (auto, relic, or silk) or, I suppose, a rip card.  Desmond isn't a very exciting name to me - nor are the Nationals an exciting team to me - so this one is immediately available for trade.


The Junior Junkie said...

Sweet Lord!!!!

RAZ said...

Your Ty Cobb comment was pretty good.

Spankee said...

I pulled a Desmond with a piece of at least there's some variety there...

GCA said...

I'll trade for the Desmond. I've got a couple from this year, and still have a few from '09 A&G. Email me at QAPLAGCA at

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