Monday, July 21, 2014

The First Box of Ginter: The Family Man

This morning, I ripped open the first two packs (plus the box topper) of my first (of four) hobby boxes of Topps Allen & Ginter's.  Now, let's keep the party going with another two packs.

Pack 3:
24.  Jorge Posada
36.  Yadier Molina
51.  Oswaldo Arcia
78.  Zack Greinke
151.  James Paxton
209. Vladimir Guerrero
Pastime's Pastimes:  Mark McGwire

McGwire's pastime is listed as "family man."  I learned from the card back that McGwire's wife had triplets which they names Marlo, Monroe, and Monet.
A&G back mini:  241.  Dave Portnoy

I don't have any idea why Topps chose to put two bloggers from Barstool (or whatever it is called in their set).  I had never heard of the blog - and I would like to think I'm fairly blog-savvy haven been writing my own blog for a long time now!

Pack 4:
11.  Nick Franklin
128.  Bill Rancic
174.  Ben Zobrist
212.  Doug Fister
217.  Jose Iglesias
249.  Aroldis Chapman

Pastime's Pastimes:  Joe Morgan

Alright, back-to-back Reds including an insert.  Morgan's pastime is listed as "broadcaster."  No mention of the fire Joe Morgan website though.
Reg. mini:  15.  Matt Williams

No hits yet but at least both packs provided me with some cards I liked.  This year the set doesn't beat you over the head with advertisement cards for the Crack the Code competition either - in fact, I've yet to see one in my hobby box (each of the two blaster I bought had one in them though if memory serves correctly).


JediJeff said...

I've heard a bit about Barstool - some shit blog out there. I swear, someone must have paid to be in the set cuz why they would pick that craphole is beyond me.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I wonder, could those be part of the code stuff this year??

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