Saturday, August 30, 2014

Club PWE: 2 by 3 Heroes Delivers Again!

I'm still in the process of opening and scanning all the mail that has arrived in the past few weeks (as evidenced by the plethora of "Delivery Time" posts on my blog over the last week or two).  I'm working as quickly as possible to get caught up because I'm about to move into a new house - and I really don't want to move a bunch of envelopes and risk getting things mixed up before I get the chance to properly thank people.  As such, expect a few more Delivery Time posts in the near future...

However, in the immediate future, let's take a look at an PWE from Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes.  Jeff runs his own PWE Club of sorts - and I'm happy to be on his mailing list.  Plus, the most recent envelope had some of the coolest stamps that I've gotten on a package in quite some time...
I'm a big fan of the Skylab stamps in particular.

If stamps aren't your thing, that's ok because there were plenty of baseball cards packed within that envelope.  In fact, there was a die cut Votto from immensely frustrating 2008 Upper Deck Timeline set.

I'm still working on that cursed set.  I didn't actually need the Votto for my set but I do still need quite a few other cards.  If you have any of the following I'd love to work out a trade!

2008 Upper Deck Timeline:Base: #235, 300, 308, 336, 341, 345, 356, 361, 363, 366, 373, 374, 375

Moving on to a card that was brand new to my collection - a serially numbered Brian L. Hutner card from the 2001 Pacific set.

I happen to love the '01 Pacific set - it's one of those sets that there is a great chance I'll try to complete at some point in the future (maybe when I finally finish off the '08 UD Timeline set, hah!).  Anyhow, I don't quite understand the serially numbering (why 18/36?) and I don't get why Hunter's premier date is December 5, 2000...  It's even stranger when you realize that Hunter had played for Houston all the back in 1994 (and then Detroit, Seattle, and even a stint in Colorado).

That's why you have to love Pacific though - they are crazy, make no sense, and yet are almost always fun cards to have!

Speaking of fun to have, the little kid in me will probably always get at least a little excited for some Fleer team logo stickers.  Jeff dropped this Reds/Angels beauty in the PWE along with the other cards - and I love it.

Thanks for the great cards Jeff - always fun to get an unexpected envelope in the mail.  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer - I'm still willing to trade before my move - after all, that might mean less cards for me to have to pack up!


Anonymous said...

I've got those Skylab stamps in my "collection" (which is a large manila envelope filled with loose stamps)... I always love space-related stamps I really need to go through those suckers someday...

I would guess that the "Premier Date" of 12/6/00 reflects the premiere of 2001 Pacific. No clue why they'd be #'ed to 36.

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