Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cooking Recipe: Super Easy Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Back when I started this blog, I had envisioned it as included a fair bit of cooking information and recipes.  In fact, in 2008 I even published a couple of recipes (nothing special but it was a start).  Flash forward to 2014 and my blog has hosted a grand total of five recipes...until today.  Today, it's time for recipe #6 and this is probably the best one to date.  It's certainly the easiest to date!

I've always wanted to try making homemade dill pickles, especially since I grow my own cucumbers and you can only have so many salads with chopped up cucumber in it.  The one thing that always held me back is most homemade pickle recipes require boiling stuff on the stove or other such "hot" nonsense.  Who wants to boil stuff in the middle of summer?  Certainly not me.

These pickles are perfect - no cooking required.  All you do is put the jars in the fridge (shaking them occasionally) and then you get to enjoy delicious homemade pickles.  This summer, I've probably made 10-12 jars of pickles, about half of which my wife and I have devoured while the others have been given out as treats to neighbors, friends, and family.  Enjoy!

Super Easy Homemade Refrigerator Dill Pickles


  • Cucumbers (thinly sliced)
  • Fresh dill
  • Salt
  • Garlic Salt and/or minced Garlic (optional)
  • White Vinegar

How to make 'em:
1.  Slice the cucumbers into thin slices.  Divide the cucumber slices into mason jars - fill to the top.  When I make the pickles, I usually find that three of my home grown cucumbers work for 2-3 small mason jars' worth of pickles.
2.  Add salt to the cucumber slices.  I never measure stuff out but I would say about a teaspoon or maybe a teaspoon and a half of salt for a small mason jar is about right.  I also add a little bit of garlic salt and/or minced garlic to give the pickles the slightest hint of garlic flavor.  Add the dill to the jars.  I always chop the dill up into small pieces but you can leave it in larger "branches" if you prefer.
3.  Screw the lids on the jars and shake the dill, salt, and cucumbers vigorously.  If you do it right, you'll probably open up more space in the jars.  Open the lids and add even more cucumber slices to re-fill the jars.
4.  Add the vinegar.  You will only want to fill the jar about 1/3 of the way with the vinegar.  It will look like there's no where near enough liquid, but trust me, there is!
5.  Once again, screw the tops of the jars closed and shake vigorously.  Put the jars into the refrigerator and simply shake them once in awhile over the next couple of hours.  After about 2-3 hours you can eat the pickles, but they will be best after 6 hours or so.  The pickles should keep for about three weeks but I've never had a jar last that long - they are that good!!


P-town Tom said...

My wife has a mean sweet pickle recipe that she has used many times the last few summers. Much of the same... eat as much as you can and still wind up giving away quite a few jars to neighbors and friends.

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