Saturday, August 23, 2014

Delivery Time! Catching Up with Collecting Catches Up with Me!

You may have noticed that my posting schedule has basically reduced back down to a single post per day.  For the moment, I'm trying out scheduling for an 8:00 AM post release each day.  I don't know when the most popular time for people to read the blog is (and I doubt it's 8:00 AM on a Saturday) but it's worth a try.  If you think there's a better time (perhaps you've even figured it out), let me know!

Speaking of figuring things out, today's trader is Jared from Catching up with Collecting who has definitely figured out my collecting interests!  Jared recently contacted me saying he had a bunch of Reds that he wanted to unload on me - and I happily accepted.

I had no idea just how high quality the Reds were that Jared had...  You'll have to scroll down to see the best as I'll save it for last!  Instead, let's take a look at some of the other Reds first...

We begin our tour with a 2013 Panini card of Joey Votto.

I've avoided Panini like the plague so far (mostly because my budget is incredibly tight as it is and I can't be going after even more sets) but I have to admit that the Hometown Heroes set is a set that I could see myself collecting (at least if all the cards are as nice as this Votto).  In fact, you can barely tell it's not a fully licensed card thanks to the batting stance in the photograph.

Continuing on the Panini theme, here's a set that I definitely won't collect (though I'm always happy to acquire the Reds of course)!

This is a 2013 Panini Prizm set (with a "z" in the name for no apparent reason).  The entire thing is super chrome-y - but the logo-less hat really ruins the card for me.  It feels like a slightly higher class Post Cereal card (and I am probably dating myself now talking about Post Cereal cards).

Speaking of dating myself, let's roll way back to when I was six years old - 1988.

This is a Sportflics card - back when Sportflics were the "cool kids" on the baseball card collecting block.  I don't think I previously owned this Eric Davis card so it's an instant add to my collection!

While the above cards were most certainly appreciated (and there were a few others that Jared included that I didn't scan), the real highlights of the trade package are the next four cards beginning with this Zack Cozart relic card.

The Reds' 2014 season has been pathetic (and so has Cozart's batting average) but I must say that Cozart can certainly "pick it" in the field.  I think the game-used memorabilia should be from the event the card is celebrating though, don't you?

Moving into serially numbered land, we encounter a relic numbered 65/75 of the Big Donkey.

I love me some Adam Dunn even if most Reds' fans soured on him years ago.  This is another instant add to my collection...but even the two relics paled in comparison to the final two cards from Jared.

First up, my first autograph of the last Reds' player to throw a perfect game:  Tom Browning.

That's a gorgeous card - and the autograph is on card.  I'll even forgive the logo-less hat since I like the card so much.

However, even a Tom Browning autograph pales in comparison to the final card - a Jose Rijo autograph!

This is my first autograph of Rijo as well, and man it's a beauty.  I always LOVED Rijo, so to acquire his autograph is a great addition to my collection!

Thanks so much for all the great card Jared - I can only hope to find something to send back your way that will interest you!  As for anyone else, check out my want list and make an offer if you too would like to trade!


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