Sunday, August 10, 2014

Delivery Time! Night Owl Cards Sends a Hippo, an Artist, and a Reminder of my Artistic Inabilities.

That gigantic stash of mail isn't going to scan itself - so here we go making a bit more of a dent in the pile!  Today's package is courtesy of Greg over at Night Owl Cards.  Greg sent me a few Allen & Ginter's cards out of the blue which I can only assume was because he knew I'd pull some sort of Clayton Kershaw card and he wanted to be first in line.  All I can say is he's in luck - I have an incredible knack for pulling Kershaw (though no Kershaw relics/autographs this year).  Anyhow, you aren't here to read about Dodgers, no you are here to read about stuff that I wanted!

First up, Greg helped knock my 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's Curious Cases insert needs down to one card.  The second to last card for me to acquire is this Chemtrails card.

I'm now only missing UVB-76, whatever that is.

Moving on to more modern fare (as if 2013 isn't modern enough), Greg hooked me up with a few different inserts from this year's edition of Ginter.  Of the six minis he sent my way, my three favorites are:

#3:  J.M.W. Turner

My wife was an art minor in college - but that's pretty much as close to art as I've ever gotten.  I have dabbled in things like woodworking and origami (both arts in their own right) but I pretty much bludgeon anything that involves a paint brush.  Seriously, my wife won't even let me paint the deck - that's how bad I am at painting.

#2:  Hippopotamus

Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Potatamus.  I don't think of the chunky hippo as a deadly predator but according to the card back hippos kill more humans in Africa each year than any other animal.  I'm fairly certain death by hippo would be a most unpleasant experience.

#1:  Louis Hennepin

I love the design for the Into the Unknown insert set.  In fact, I love most things boat related so this set is an instant keeper for me!

In addition to the Ginter goodies, Greg also threw in a couple of Reds including this hand cut reprint card of Pete Rose from the 1985 Baseball Card Magazine.

Whoever originally cut that card out didn't manage to bludgeon that as badly as I do painting - so I guess that's a win!

Thanks for the cards Greg.  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade please check out my want list and make an offer!  After all, I'm slowly catching up on all my old trades!


night owl said...

i believe I was the one who cut that out. And I was probably around 18, 19 when I did it, so that's kind of lousy.

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