Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Delivery Time! Off Hiatus Baseball Cards Ginterizes Me (and I Like It)!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've agreed to (and mailed out) quite a few trades.  This is good news since every card I mail out means it's one less card that I have to pack up into a box and carry into my new house!

One recent trade was with Tony over at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards.  Tony is a big Brewers fan which means I now have a place to drop unwanted Milwaukee cards (and virtually every Milwaukee card is an unwanted Milwaukee card in my household)!  Anyhow, I was able to dump a bunch of Brewers on Tony (you can read his end of things here).  In return though, Tony helped me out with a sizable chunk of my 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's wants!

We'll start our tour of Tony's trade package to me with a card that I don't actually know why it was included.  This is a Firebrand insert of Jose Canseco.

I didn't collect this year's edition of Topps Archives (though I am still working on last year's set).  I also don't collect Canseco - or Athletics, so this one is a mystery.  All that said, I was actually most excited by this card in many ways because I always wanted to see what the Firebrand card were all about.  The things are actually printed on wood and die-cut which is pretty cool.  I have a feeling this card will be in my collection for a long time - unless of course there's a Red (or some other player that I collect) in the set that I could swap for this one.

Moving on to cards that I know why they were included (i.e. they were either Reds or cards from my want list), we find another 2014 Archives insert - this time of Eric Davis (a player that I do collect)!

Tony also threw in a Rob Dibble autograph which is awesome since I love the 1990 Topps set design more than anyone ever should.
The fact that the autograph is on card makes this even sweeter!

Moving on to Allen & Ginter (the real reason this trade took place) - Tony hooked me up with a bunch of the regular sized inserts (20 in all).  Of the 20 regular sized inserts, my favorite was this World's Capitals card of Brussels, Belgium.

The back of the card says that Brussels is a trendy destination for those seeking chocolate and beer among other things.  That line is enough to convince me to make a trek there sometime - my wife can have the chocolate and I can have the beer!

Tony also included a few of the mini inserts (of which I still need a lot more).  I'm a huge sucker for mini inserts in the Ginter brand so the 7 that Tony sent my way were all much, much appreciated.  My favorite two inserts were probably these Larger than Life cards of Hiawatha and Johnny Appleseed.

According to Hiawatha's card, Hiawatha was a peacemaker who proposed the unification of the five Iroquis nations.  That's impressive for sure - and wouldn't it be nice if we had a Middle East Hiawatha these days?!

The final mini card that I'll scan (though all were greatly appreciated) is this card of Ferdinand Magellan.

I've made no secret that I love water, boats, and all related things - probably why I'm working on the original Allen & Ginter's fish set!  The Into the Unknown insert set fits perfectly into my collecting interests - and Magellan was one of the preeminent explorers of history!

Thanks for the great cards Tony!  And, as always, if anyone else has any cards to trade from my want list, make me an offer!


Tony L. said...

Actually, way back when I actually bought the Archives box, you asked for that Firebrand card. I'm pretty sure it was in a fit of sheer intoxication over seeing that Dibble autograph, but you definitely asked for it!

I'm glad you enjoyed the cards I sent -- great trading with you, and I look forward to the next time we swap cards.

Anonymous said...

That Dibble card is SWEET

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