Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs: A Favorite Player Shows Up as a Hit (That'll Help the Scoring!)

With the two packs that I'm about to open, I'll be at the 2/3 mark in terms of completely busting the Gint-a-Cuffs box.  Yesterday's pack duo was pathetic (netting me a total of 6 points between the two packs).  If today's packs don't pick up the pace substantially I'll be in serious trouble in the competition!

Pack 17:
6.  Laura Phelps Sweatt
125.  Glen Waggoner
232.  Ozzie Smith
260.  Jay Bruce
298.  Deion Sanders
312.  Mike Mussina
Fields of Yore:  Shea Stadium
Reg. mini:  87.  Alex Gordon

The Mussina is a Yankee (boo) but at least it's a short print so I gain a single point.  The Bruce is a Reds card (my favorite team) so that's a second point for the pack.  The Fields of Yore rounds out the scoring with a +2.

Pack total:  4 points
Running total:  114 points

While I'm always happy to have positive point packs, the last three packs have definitely hurt my chances of winning the competition.

Pack 18:
53.  Sandy Koufax
158.  Carlton Fisk
252.  Didi Gregorius
297.  Brian McCann
Pastime's Pastimes:  Clayton Kershaw
Where Nature Ends:  6.  Masaccio
Relic (Version A):  Freddie Freeman

Let's see, this wasn't a terrible pack (though the -1 for McCann sure sucked).  The Kershaw Pastime card is worth +2 and the Masaccio artist card nets me another 3 points.

As for the relic, I can't say that I like the Freeman relic much...but someone chose him as a favorite player which is awesome news for me!  A general relic such as the Freeman is worth 8 points, but since he's on the favorite player list I get to apply the 1.7 multiplier making the card worth a grand total of 13.6 points.

All told, the pack was worth 17.6 points.  Much better than the previous few packs.  I must say that I can't believe that Kershaw escaped the favorite players list...  I thought for sure he'd be on there!

Pack total:  17.6 points
Running total:  131.6 points


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