Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs: My First Box Hit

Heading into packs #5 and 6, my Gint-a-Cuffs total is 43.  Given the relatively early stage of the competition, I have no idea where that puts me...but I do know that it feels like it's a bit too low to have a shot at the crown.  That said, I haven't found any of my three actual promised hits (box toppers don't count against your three hits, or at least that's what I think is true).

Pack 5:
41.  Lou Gehrig
126.  Willie Stargell
238.  Bert Kreischer
290.  Hanley Ramirez
Pastime's Pastimes:  Max Scherzer
A&G back mini:  262.  Mike Pereira
Relic (Version B):  Michael Eisner

Losing a point for Gehrig being a Yankee sort of stinks.  Of all the Yankee legends that Topps shoves down collectors' throats, Gehrig is the one that makes me the least nauseous.  Even so, it's -1 for him.

The A&G mini back of the broadcaster Pereira is worth 2 points, as is the Pastime's Pastime card.

Finally, the relic (which I actually like since it's not your typical white or grey swatch) is worth a whole 8 points.

As a whole, the pack scored a 11 points which is good - but I "wasted" one of my hits on a non-baseball player.  At least the relic itself is interesting to me.

Pack total:  11 points
Running total:  54 points

Pack 6:
46.  John Sullivan
78.  Zack Greinke
90.  Roy Halladay
151.  James Paxton
209.  Vladimir Guerrero
329.  Michael Wacha
Reg. mini:  218.  Casey Kelly
Festivals & Fairs:  4.  Holi Festival

Uhm, well that was a boring pack.  The Festivals card is worth 2 as is the short print of Wacha.  In a surprising twist, the John Sullivan card is worth 1 point (because Gint-a-Cuffs is fun like that).  Even so, 5 points won't intimidate anyone.

Pack total:  5 points
Running total:  59 points

Take out the 20 points for the box topper and I've amassed 39 points through six packs - or 6.5 points pack.  Unfortunately, that only projects to me ending up with 176 points which I think is even worse than I did last year.  Of course, the silly thing about trying to project your point total for the entire competition is the appearance of the hits.  In my case, my point per pack average went up quite a bit this post because I pulled one of my three hits.  While bumping the average up is a good thing (in terms of having a shot at winning), "wasting" a hit on an 8 pointer is not so helpful to the final tally!


Tony L. said...

I hate that Michael Eisner gets a card of any kind in any set. But, it is *his* company...

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