Friday, August 08, 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs: Votto Mania!

At the conclusion of this post, my Gint-a-Cuffs will be halfway through.  Let's rip packs 11 and 12 right now and see if we can improve on the current box score of 81.

Pack 11:
122.  Craig Biggio
175.  Chase Utley
208.  Al Kaline
226.  Bob Gibson
271.  Chuck Klosterman
296.  Joey Votto
Pastime's Pastimes:  Yasiel Puig
Black border mini:  177.  Anthony Rizzo
Code ad card

Lots of good stuff in that pack - but we'll start with the best:  A full sized card of my favorite player (Votto) = +4 points.  The pack also had two other favorite players in it (Biggio and Utley) who rack up another 4 points combined.  The Puig Pastime card is worth 2 (I'm surprised no one picked Puig as a favorite player).  Heck, even Klosterman is worth +1 given the silly Gint-a-Cuffs rules!  The icing on the pack's cake though is the black bordered Rizzo - that card is worth an additional 3 points.

Pack total:  14 points
Running total:  95 points

Pack 11 managed to be better than the pack where I scored my first hit of the box!  In fact, all but two of the cards (not counting the ad card) scored me positive points (only Kaline and Gibson were worthless which is funny on a lot of different levels)!

Pack 12:
71.  Wade Boggs
115.  Dustin Pedroia
141.  Starlin Castro
234.  Roberto Clemente
272.  Tim Raines
323.  Harmon Killebrew
Festivals & Fairs:  Dia De Los Muertos
Reg. mini:  296.  Joey Votto

While this pack didn't have as much in the way of scoring cards, I'm still happy.  The Killebrew is a +2 short print and the Fairs card is another +2 points.  However, the real prize is my second Joey Votto in as many packs - this time in regular back mini form which is worth +5 points!

Pack total:  9 points
Running total:  104 points

Well, the two packs from yesterday were terrible but today's packs basically made up for it.  At this point, I'm on pace for a final box score of 188 which is probably about average.  However, there should be two more hits so all hope is not quite yet lost!


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