Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Blaster! 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Fake Gint-a-Cuffs (Part I)

Oh yeah, I'm not quite yet done with Ginter!  I picked up one final blaster from Wal*Mart this week (mostly as a way of "rewarding" myself for not going ballistic in that God forsaken store while shopping for groceries).

Anyhow, I'll spread the blaster out over a couple of posts - one last effort to savor every moment of Ginter!  Even better, now that my Gint-a-Cuffs box is completed, I figured I'd do my own version of Gint-a-Cuffs with this blaster...complete with commentary and points for every card!

Pack 1:
6.  Laura Phelps Sweatt
Sweatt is a powerlifter with (almost) the perfect last name for such a profession.  The back of her card has the corny statement "(Sweatt) has enjoyed success in all three disciplines but, as a lifter, she has literally raised thebar."  That's so bad, it's great.  +5
202.  Jim Rice
I would prefer the legends show up on a single insert set rather than taking up space in the base set.  Rice doesn't do much for me in terms of positive or negative thoughts though so I'll go with +0.  
229.  Julio Teheran
Where have all the Braves' collectors gone anyhow?  I used to not be able to even show a single Braves card without tons of people messaging me attempting to acquire the card.  Now?  Nothing.  -5 for Braves fans.
Coincidence:  Morgan Robertson

I'm pretty sure I just bought this card off of Listia.  -25 for bad luck.
Pastime's Pastimes:  David Ortiz

Red Sox collectors used to be as numerous as the Braves collectors - but at least there are still a few Boston fans around to work out deals with.  +2 because Papi usually takes it to the Yankees.
Where Nature Ends:  Raphael

Yay!  A mini insert that I needed.  +50 points.  That's how you score points in my Gint-a-Cuffs.

Pack total:  5 + 0 - 5 - 25 + 2 + 50 = 27 points

Pack total:
2.  Don Mattingly
I don't think Yankees are penalized hard enough in the "real" Gint-a-Cuffs.  -10
106.  Patrick Corbin
Are there any Diamondback fans out there?  Seriously, anyone?  Bueller?  -5
125.  Glen Waggoner
Dude created Rotisserie Baseball.  I'd be more impressed if he created rotisserie chicken.  -5
314.  Nolan Arenado
Short print mojo!  As a set collector, I need all the short prints I can get my grubby meat hooks on.  +10 points.
World's Capitals:  Rome

I've been to Rome once - and while I LOVED the Colosseum, I don't think the city itself was great.  It was really, really dirty and most of the people were unfriendly.  Even so, the Colosseum is one of my top ten, maybe even top five things that I've ever seen so Rome gets mad points.  +25
Reg. mini:  295. Ryan Bruan

I bet Tony L. wishes I would have opened this blaster before I mailed his stuff out earlier in the week.  Now I'm just stuck with a roided up cheater who also lied through his teeth.  -10 points.

Pack total:  -10 - 5 - 5 + 10 + 25 - 10 = 5 points

Blaster total so far:  32 points.

Well, that was fun.  I'll have more from the blaster tomorrow hopefully.


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