Sunday, September 07, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 298: 1998 Upper Deck - #65

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Upper Deck
Card number:  65

The 1998 Upper Deck set is one of the few Upper Deck sets that has actually grown on me over the past decade or so.  I remember when the set was first released thinking that it was quite ugly - but looking back I can appreciate the fact that Upper Deck didn't completely overdo the foil (as they usually did in that era).

I will forever dislike vertical names on the front of baseball cards though so that is one big bummer.

In actuality, I think it's the back of the card that saves the design - the large team logo, second photo, full career statistics (yay!) and a small but interesting snippet about the player make for an interesting card back.  This card gets bonus points for the rather unique photo of Barry on the front of the card as well - it's not often you get a card of a baseball player giving a fan (?) a high-five.


Joe Frecker said...

I believe the guest on the front of the card could be a contest winning kid. The Reds set up 9 kids with a MLB ball and a pen and run them out to each position before the team takes the field. They get to meet the player and get their autograph on the ball. Only on Sunday home games. I am guessing this dates back to 1997/1998. My 2 kids got the honor on 8/10/14, meeting Johnny Cueto and Devin Mesoraco. Johnny pitched a great game and Meso hits a solo HR followed by a salami. Sweet stuff.

Nachos Grande said...

That's awesome Joe! I haven't made it to a game in Cincinnati in quite a few years - and I definitely don't recall the on field ritual but it's certainly a cool idea. I would have loved to meet Larkin when I was a kid (who am I kidding, I'd still love to meet him).

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