Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 299: 1998 Topps Stadium Club - #30

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Topps Stadium Club
Card number:  30

I've always enjoyed the Stadium Club brand a lot.  As with most Stadium Club sets, the 1998 version features crisp photography in a borderless design.  The Larkin image is somewhat unique in that Larkin appears to have just made a stop on a ground ball to his right but perhaps in such a way that he won't be able to make the throw over to first base for the out.

On the back you get a second image of Larkin (this time a generic batting pose) plus three years of statistics.  While the limited stats are a bummer, I have always liked Stadium Club's additions such as "The Bottom Line" which not-so-coincidentally is located at the bottom of the card.

Overall, the 1998 TSC set is nice enough though I remember thinking that the "baseball seam" theme was a bit too forced, especially on the back of the card.  That said, I appreciate that Topps did something a bit different with the design - and I always appreciate a great Stadium Club image of Larkin!


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