Thursday, September 25, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 303: 2001 Donruss Classics - #43

Barry Larkin
Year:  2001
Brand:  Donruss Classics
Card number:  43

By 2001, Donruss had all but given up attempting to produce coherent (and unique) sets.  Instead, they produced a ton of random sets that are easily mixed up (and even more easily forgotten).  In a vacuum, the 2001 Donruss Classics set isn't terrible, but in the grand scheme of things it's an easily forgotten set since both Topps and Upper Deck produced similar themed sets (but with better execution).

As for this particular Larkin card, it's about as monochromatic as a non-black and white card will get.  Other than the red on Larkin's hat and the pinstripes (plus the "ati" and "11" on Barry's jersey), the front of the card is black, white, and grey.  The back of the card features full career statistics (yay!) but very little else in the way of interest.  I do like that Donruss' writers described Larkin as "baseball's premier shortstop."  Take that Jeter.


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