Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Group Break of Sorts?

I've mentioned my upcoming move a few different times on the blog, but I can now say that my wife and I are officially moving into our new home on September 30.  As such, between now and that date, I need to seriously get packing (I've only managed to pack up about half of my belongings to date).  One of the worst things to pack is baseball cards - both in terms of size and weight but also because it can be difficult to pack large numbers of cards up in such a way that they won't get damaged during a move.  

My solution?

I've decided to pare down my collection substantially.  In fact, I have boxes and boxes full of unwanted cards.  
Just some of the many cards that no longer fit in my collection

In the past, I tried to collect each and every set - and I did my best to keep at least one copy of every card that found itself in my collection.  Believe it or not, it was only a couple of years ago when I finally convinced myself how utterly stupid that idea was...and from there I've been slowly scaling back my collection.

What you see in the above photo is a portion of my extra cards that I no longer want/need.  My unwanted cards span mostly from 1990 though 2014, though there are some 70s and 80s cards scattered about.  In addition, there are a few SportsClix figures that are extras (not pictured) and a number of assorted relics, manufactured patches, and even a few autographs.

My idea to get rid of the cards?  

I'm not totally sure.  

Here's where I need your help - what should I do with the cards?  I've listed a few options below but I'd be up to hear your ideas too!

Option 1:  Keep the cards and pack 'em all.  Suck it up.
Option 2:  Do a team based group break where the cards from the break come from all the above boxes (plus those not pictured).  My best guess would be most teams would end up with a small flat rate box full of cards and other goodies from their team.
Option 3:  Mail the cards out to people who I know collect each team.
Option 4:  Donate the cards.
Option 5: ??

Looking at the options I thought of, I have to rule out option 5 since I don't have any place near me that would accept baseball cards.  Option 4 would certainly be fine but money's tight when you move...and mailing out that many flat rate boxes would be incredibly expensive!  That basically leaves options 1 or 2...or some better option that one of my loyal readers comes up with.

What do you think?  Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I think the group break idea is good.

cynicalbuddha said...

you sir are in need of some monster boxes!

JediJeff said...

My thought - par them out into the small flat rate priority boxes. They are like $5.80 and you can fit 8 team bags with 40 cards (roughly) per bag - 320 cards or so. Then, whomever wants a team box pays shipping. About 2 cents a card, and you are not stuck with the shipping costs.

Tony L. said...

Jeff's right on point -- though monster boxes would work too!

Cardspotter said...

i would keep the cards...they're part of your collection.

Anonymous said...

I Agee with JediJeff, and would add that anyone who bought more than a designated number could receive a bonus or auto or relic, etc.

Fuji said...

I'd be willing to trade you a small flat rate box of Reds for a small flat rate box of A's :)

RAZ said...

Get some 5000-count boxes and chuck those cards in them. It won't take that long.

Kaiser The Great said...

I like option #3 and Giants cards. :D

Bru said...

You said they're unwanted, right? Keeping them serves the purpose of future trade bait I suppose. But if you do decide to go the group break route, I'll definitely put in for some Astros.

Mets Cardboard said...

I agree with what others have said already. They are unwanted, so might as well go with option #3. I am sure anyone who wants them will gladly pay for shipping. I will put in for some Mets.

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