Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pack Wars: Topps vs. Bowman (Who Wins?!)

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I found six (previously opened) packs that had somehow gotten buried away from me (and for which I had completely forgotten the contents within the packs).  Since I'm a fan of pack wars - let's do battle again with two more of the long-forgotten packs.  This time around, it's a 6 card pack of 2006 Topps vs. a 7 card pack of Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.

Honestly, I don't expect that one extra card will save Bowman's chances but we shall see...

We'll begin with Topps:

Kip Wells (boring photo, boring player:  0 points)
Chris Young (boring photo, boring player:  0 points)
Mike Hampton (boring photo, boring player:  0 points)
Erik Bedard (boring photo, boring player:  0 points)
Reggie Sanders (boring photo but Sanders was a Red at one point in time:  2 points)

Julio Lugo (the only photo that was remotely interesting in the pack:  5 points)

Pack total:  7 points

That was a pathetic pack, no wonder I filed that one away without even bothering to sort the cards.  I actually hate the 2006 Topps base design too which makes it even worse...

If there was ever a chance for a Bowman pack of something or other to win a Pack War, this is it.  Seize the day Bowman, seize the day.


Cody Epply (Who?  0 points)
Harold Riggins (Who?  0 points)
Sean Buckley (Who?  At least it's a Red...  1 point)

Checklist (Seriously, this counts as one of the seven cards?  -5 points)
Kyle Kubitza (Who?  This is a thick gold card and maybe some Brave fan wants it:  1 point)

Matt Young (Who?  This is a chrome card, I don't get why though.  Bowman is confusing:  1 point)

Brandon Culbreth (Who?  A Purple refractor seems nice though they are actually 1:4 packs so not that rare.  Still +2 points)

Pack total:  0 points

The so-called extra card in the pack ended up being a checklist...and that hurt Bowman big time.  However, even without that the Bowman pack couldn't keep up with one of the worst Topps sets of the 2000s.  That pretty much sums up my feelings for Bowman.


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