Friday, October 31, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 305: 1995 Sports Illustrated for Kids - #402

Barry Larkin
Year:  1995
Brand:  Sports Illustrated for Kids
Card number:  402

The Sports Illustrated for Kids cards are actually perforated cards that kids were to punch out of the aforementioned S.I. for Kids magazine.  The Barry Larkin card was only available in the September 1995 edition of the magazine (Larkin was joined by cards of Melissa Moses (diving), Eddie Murray (baseball), Eric Lindros (Hockey), Sherri Slone (water skiing), Thomas Muster (tennis), Kevin Greene (football), Horace Grant (basketball) and Picabo Street (skiing)).  According to the only full checklist that I could find online, the 1995 card is Barry's lone card in the ongoing S.I. for Kids set.

As for the card itself, it definitely has a cheap papery cardboard feel to it (which makes sense since the idea was to punch out the cards).  However, if you can overlook the cheap quality it's actually a rather nice card!  The front features a nice action shot of Barry fielding - complete with all team logos.  The back of the card has a small write-up about Larkin and a trivia question.  Notice that the in the answer to the trivia question the card helps kids with the necessary mathematics!  I LOVE that idea - the more ways we can get kids to understand math, the better (sorry, had to - it's the math professor in me)!


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