Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Delivery Time! Vintage is Awesome.

Everyone's favorite Mark in the blog-o-sphere has graced my household with another PWE full of vintage-y goodness.  This isn't any old vintage either - it's Cincinnati Reds vintage!

Tommy Helms

The black borders of the 1971 Topps set don't tend to hold up well over time but the card design is quite sharp.  Even better, the photo of Helms features a great cameo of a pair bright yellow light towers.  

Tony Perez

You can't go wrong getting a Tony Perez card in the mail!  The 1973 Topps set might not have any black on the front of the card but it does have a black border on the reverse (and much like the '71 Topps black borders chipping is quite evident).  As for the card itself, I like that the photographer must have made Perez pose for a photo in the middle of the bullpen since you can clearly make out a pitcher warming up right behind Tony.

Clay Carroll  

Our third and final card in the PWE is a 1970 Topps card featuring Reds' pitcher Clay Carroll.  I don't own nearly as many 1970 cards as I do 1971s and 1973s so this one was much appreciated as well!

Thanks for the great PWE Mark - and I hope the Trade Stack made it to you right before my move to my new place.  I'm pleased to say this is my first trade post since my move - so if anyone reading wants to hook me up with more cards please check out my want list and make an offer!


Mark Hoyle said...

Yes the trade stack made it just fine...

Matthew Scott said...

Mark just got me as well!

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