Thursday, November 06, 2014

14 Topps High Tek Group Break Anyone?!

Dave & Adams is selling a case of 2014 Topps High Tek for $715.00 (as of the time of writing this post).  A case consists of 12 boxes with 8 cards per box.  The set is to be released November 26th and I would need full payment from everyone involved before I could make the order.

Here's what I'm thinking might be fun:

Twelve total slots:  $60 + $5 shipping = $65 each.

Each group break participant pays $65 for their slot.  Each slot would consist of a team of your choosing (first come - and paid, first serve of course).  Then, since there are only 8 cards per box, we would hold a card draft for the remaining unclaimed cards.  This would ideally be done via YouTube live video, Google Hangouts or something similar though we could also use emailed lists.  During the draft portion, first pick would go to the slot with the worst showing in the group break, second pick to the next worse slot, etc.  We would draft every single remaining card so that (hopefully) everyone in the break would walk away with some fancy new Tek cards!

As I usually do, I will also be sure to throw in a few extras to help boost the card count even more!

Are you interested in such a break?  I haven't done a high-end break in quite some time but the 2014 Tek set seemed compelling to me.

1.  Please leave a comment below with the team(s) you are claiming.
2.  Send PayPal payment to:  fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com (the same email that is in my profile).  I would appreciate all payments sent as "gifts" since that saves me a couple of bucks per slot.  Please don't put anything else in your PayPal payment notification.  See #3 for how to send me your contact information!
3.  Send me an email (to the same email address as above) with the following information:
  • Your user name
  • The team(s) you claimed
  • The email address you sent payment from 
  • Your mailing address
I ask that everyone do the above three steps, even if I have traded with you many times - it makes packaging the cards a much, much quicker task for me.  Thanks!

Remember, only 12 slots in the break with all "leftover" cards being drafted by group break participants.  I will open all boxes on video once again as well!

Possible slots (11 remain):
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Atlanta Braves  -
Baltimore Orioles -
Boston Red Sox  -
Chicago White Sox -
Chicago Cubs -
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians -
Colorado Rockies -
Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals -
Los Angeles Angels -
Los Angeles Dodgers -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees -
Oakland Athletics -
Philadelphia Phillies -
Pittsburgh Pirates -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants -
Seattle Mariners -
St. Louis Cardinals -
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers -
Toronto Blue Jays -
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos -

Please note:  If I can't get the group break to fill up in a timely fashion I will return all payments.  I would like this to be filled ASAP so that I can make the order and lock in the price!


Matthew Scott said...

I want to join, but need to see a checklist first. The preliminary auto checklist doesn't have a Pirate.

The Junior Junkie said...

Same here. I need to see some Griffeys...!

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