Saturday, February 28, 2015

2004 Bazooka: The Middle-Third of the Box (with a 1:94 packs hit)!

I've decided that posting a pack or two at a time is a bit too slow when it comes to the 2004 Topps Bazooka set.  There simply isn't enough in each pack to warrant such a pace...especially when I plan on keeping the vast majority of the base cards (I'm thinking about putting the full base set together - we shall see).  As such, I'm going to speed things up a bit and post just the highlights from the middle eight packs right now!

Packs 9 - 16:

By now, you've probably seen enough of the base cards - but I had to show off one base card from the middle-third of the box.

That's Marcus McBeth posing in what appears to be the middle of an actual desert.  It's not often you get a nice view of a cactus plant on a baseball card!

I also ended up with my first pair of base cards of the same player.  You see, in this edition of Bazooka there are a number of players who have two different versions of their base card (only the picture changes).

This is my first (and only) pair so far...  Carlos Delgado.  There are no other markings on the card to indicate that one is a variation of the other.

My eight minis contained no one of note - probably the best of the bunch was Rich Harden.  Luckily, my red chunk parallels were a bit better.  I pulled a Mike Piazza, Tom Glavine, and a Manny Ramirez among others.

Now we get to the inserts - plus a hit (more on that in a moment).  First though, I pulled three more Tattoo cards (including a super lame Bazooka tattoo).

Seriously, who thought that was a good idea to include in the set?

I also pulled one more of the 4-in-1 Sticker cards...and yes, it was another motley crew of players.
I guess the theme here is catchers?

I found another comic card - this time celebrating Esteban Loaiza.

Sort of a weird card but I like it.  How often do you get "fiesta tonight" on a baseball card?!

I also pulled two more of my favorite inserts - the Stand-Ups.

I like both of these - the Thome and Sosa both work well with the red and blue color scheme of the insert set!

That all leads to this...

Who knew?  That's a serially numbered rainbow foil parallel (seeded 1:94 packs)!  You can't tell from the scan but the front looks just like this year's rainbow parallels in 2015 Topps.  Very shiny - and very nice!

The card is numbered 04/25 on the back - which was a total shock to me.  I didn't even know there were any serially numbered cards in the set...and I certainly didn't expect to pull one!

Needless to say, I was pumped about that card ...  and yet, I still think the final relic is my favorite of the box!  Stay tuned for more!


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